100 Things to Do Before the End of the World

As the world speeds towards its impending doom, resources such as water, air, food, joy, and whimsy will become increasingly scarce. Competition for the most basic of necessities will be fierce and potentially deadly.

So before the inevitable Apocalypse arrives (and the bloody chaos before it), the leftover has created a list of things you must do before the Planet Earth turns into a fiery ball. We will post 5 new must-do activities each week!

100. Swish water around in your mouth, just for the taste, and then spit it out

99. Toast an entire pack of Thomas' English Muffins and then mail them someone in England.

98. Fly to Mozambique, eat lunch at the airport Sbarro, and fly right back.

97. Invest heavily in space exploration.

96. Critique your mom/dad's parenting skills, emphasizing all the things they did to you that you will NEVER do to the child you will NEVER have since the Earth is going to end!